Building a Better Muay Thai Fighter (Part 8 – “Conclusion”)

Understanding the elements and variations of the Muay Thai Clinch is paramount to a fighter’s success in the ring.  Unfortunately, the Clinch is often the most misunderstood and neglected facet of the Art of Muay Thai outside of Thailand, especially in the West.  If one trains properly to understand the basic concepts, posture, holds, strikes, and throws, they will have a leg up on the competition, and it will prepare them to begin learning many of the more intricate techniques and tricks of a Muay Thai master, such as…

Knee Blocks & Escapes

Knee Escape from Clinch

Butterfly Hooks

Heel Kicks

Neck Cranks & Chokes

Smothering Your Opponent

Using Your Chin

Push the Elephant

Yan Erawan = Push the Elephant



…and various Knee & Elbow combinations for the Muay Thai Clinch!


About khunkaogym

Kru Brooks Miller has been training in both Muay Thai & Boxing since 1992. He is a 3x Muay Thai champion in 3 different weight classes. His "Khun Kao Promotions" was the first to feature full rules Muay Thai competition in the state of Virginia (DC Metro Showdown - Feb. 23, 2008 in Lansdowne, VA). He currently assists Operation Octagon Productions promote the "Thai Championship Boxing" Muay Thai series and coaches his fight team in Alexandria, VA Kru Brooks is available for Muay Thai seminars. For more information, contact
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